Our Hostal.

Part of Madrid’s History since 1866. In a building that’s seen international conflicts, cultural events, and visits from historic figures.

A brief review of history.

This is how it all began.

Construction date of the building1866
1869The luxurious Gran Hotel de Rusia is inaugurated in the building.
A soldier assaults the representative of the Sultan of Morocco on the stairs, creating an international conflict..1895
1896 First public projection of cinematography in Spain. Takes place in the dining hall of the Gran Hotel de Rusia.,
Our hostal is opened,
but as a Hotel:
Hotel Aguilar.
1923-1926 —Ernest Hemingway stays with us along with his first wife when he visits Madrid.

Hostal Aguilar today.

Since Hemingway visited us, we have renovated the hostel several times.

In our lastest renovation we removed part of the ceiling, revealing the original embossed ceiling and exposed the oldest beams and brickwork of the building.

We also found, like in a time capsule, a newspaper from 1913 hidden in a hole in a wall.


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